Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take all the safety precautions while installing your outdoor christmas lights

Be just as conscious about safety when installing your outdoor light display and you are being conscientious about energy conservation. Try to always have someone handy to hold your ladder. If you have any doubts about your stability on a ladder, hire a lighting contractor. A few dollars spent on a lighting professional is better than a few hours spent in the emergency room. Also, you'll learn a lot from watching. You may find you are the energy saving trendsetter in your neighborhood. You can feel really good about that.

With savings of energy, you may be able to get more lights

The best part of using more energy efficient bulbs, it may mean that your budget will allow for purchasing more sets of LED lights. When you go to your lighting supply store, take a measurement list with you of what you plan to decorate. The lighting professional in the store will know how to guide you in your purchase. Additionally, you might be able to add some Christmas lawn figure to your display. They also are manufactured with LED lights in some cases. Enjoy your lighting savings!

Another popular choice - Rope lights

Rope lights are beneficial in that they are very easy to wrap around deck or porch railings, or around columns on porches. They also look very nice around windows on garages or tool sheds for extra holiday flair. They can be bought in spools of between 12 and 30 feet. Measure first, to get just the amount you need. Rope lights emit 50% less heat in addition to saving energy; they only use between 3 and 6 watts. Don't worry about competing with your neighbors. It's not a contest; it's being economical.

What about solar lights?

Besides the LED lights referred to earlier, there are solar bulbs and light strings that can be substituted for the energy hungry older lights. Some of these solar lights even are manufactured on a stick-type base for easy installing at driveways or walkways. The look has a warm, inviting appeal. Always place your solar lights where they will receive a good amount of sunlight during the day, since that is their power source. Other ideas will come to mind as you consider power saving options for your display. A few lights placed around a patio is another functional idea.

A plan for electric power reduction

This year can be as bright and cheerful with Christmas outdoor lighting as ever, but with energy conservation in mind, home owners should be conscientious about using LED lights for their displays. Light emitting diode (LED) lights consume 80% less energy than do incandescent ones. The C6 and C7 lights are available, but if you want to become environmentally conscious, choose LED lights this year. There are a few varieties of lights to choose from and you will not lose the festive look that you desire.